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    Audio Mixing Nashville
 Audio Mixing Nashville ® , Nashville, TN 
Note* All audio samples are mixed , unmastered.
Professional audio mixing using industry standard Pro Tools HD software and hardware
We want you to sound AMAZING!
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"Symbols and Signs" featuring Cory Friesenhan.
"Symbols and Signs" featuring Cory Friesenhan.       What an amazing singer and amazing track!
           Audio Mixing offers:

* Avid Pro Tools Omni Native High   Definition System

* Pro Tools 11 HD Software

* Melodyne vocal editing

* Universal Audio processing

* Waves processing

* Huge array of 3rd party plug in's
In this day and age artist's and musician's are successfully recording their own material in garage's , basements, apartments etc. etc. With the invention of "digital audio" high fidelity music recordings are at virtually everyone's fingertips. What is not so prevalent are good quality "acoustically treated" mix rooms, wide bandwidth ad-da converters, high fidelity audio monitors and so on. It is possible to record a professional quality track with minimal investment and knowledge. If your recordings fit into that category but, your mixes still do not sound professional CLICK HERE. We offer an Avid High Definition conversion system, top quality full range monitoring, Pro Tools HD Software and much much more. 

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